Land Forces 2020 Australia INDO ASIA PACIFIC

GRANDT DEFENSE will join the Land Forces Show in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia September 2020.

Presented in collaboration with the Australian Army, LAND FORCES 2020 is an international industry exposition to showcase equipment, technology and services for the armies of Australia and the Indo-Asia-Pacific.

The biennial LAND FORCES exposition is a powerful forum for key decision-makers from throughout the region, enabling government representatives, defence officials, military procurement managers and senior army officers to network with defence materiel manufacturers, equipment suppliers and service providers.

LAND FORCES 2018 hosted major Australian defence and industry conferences, including:

  • Chief of Army Land Force Seminar (CALFS 18);
  • Defence Science and Technology (DST) International Conference on Science and Innovation for Land Power 2018 (ICSILP 2018);
  • AAUS Unmanned Systems in Defence Conference;
  • CASG 3rd Army Aviation Symposium;
  • US Department of Defense Comparative Technology Office (CTO) Briefing To Industry;
  • Land Environment Working Group (LEWG) Defence Engagement With Industry Briefings.

LAND FORCES 2018 broke previous records, with 624 participating companies from 26 nations, 74 defence, trade and industry delegations, 21 major conferences and seminars and 15,331 attendances.

LAND FORCES 2020 will provide delegates, exhibitors, participants and visitors alike with a unique opportunity to meet with their peers, potential suppliers and customers. It will highlight the platforms, equipment, services and technologies that are increasingly in demand by the armies of the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

LAND FORCES 2020 will be a showcase for manufacturers, systems integrators and maintenance and logistics specialists operating across the full spectrum of land warfare.

  • Armoured, transport and utility vehicles
  • Weapon systems and ordnance
  • Unmanned Systems
  • Helicopters
  • Amphibious ships and watercraft
  • Strategic and battlefield logistics
  • Combat engineering

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