In today’s world, soldiers operate in a highly complex and digitized battlefield. Fighting forces require smart combat solutions that provides superior protection and longer-lasting energy supply for extended mission endurance and improved situational awareness.

Grandt Defense have teamed up with partners that are using the latest technologies and advanced materials, so the individual soldier Soldiers System provides maximum comfort, protection, mobility to enhance the effectiveness and capabilities of the modern warfighter.

To meet the unknown challenges of the modern battlefield, systems and equipment used need to be flexible and upgradeable to enable us to continue shorten the decision cycles and outmaneuver the enemy with decisive and rapid action.

Viewing the “soldier as a system” enables an integrated approach to reducing the cognitive physiological and mechanical impact on the individual and enhancing the operational effectiveness of the combat infantry.

Our Partners soldier systems are integrated warrior combat suites that enhance the operational effectiveness of the dismounted soldier. Most of components can be tailored to the needs of various soldier types such as commanders, team leaders, forward observers, snipers, special weapons operators and riflemen.

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