Grandt Defense represent a comprehensive range of products some of the most respected brand names of the industry, contributing to the needs of Military, Law Enforcement and Commercial markets. With regards to the Defense segment, the manufacturers within the group are among the largest suppliers to NATO and allied forces, worldwide.

We have been dealing with a large variety of ammunition from cal. 5.56 to 155mm, including propellant charges, advanced proximity fused rounds, also including a complete setup of an ammunition filling plant.

Furthermore Grandt Defense represents world leading manufactures in the product range from day sight, night vision, thermal imaging devices to small arms weapon systems such as pistols, carbines, grenade launchers, modular shotguns, semi and full automatic sniper rifles, LMG’s and effective sound suppressors systems.

Our staff has extended shooting experience and also advanced technical knowledge ranging from shooting instruction to repair and modifications.

Grandt Defense is aware that every shooter and observer requires lightweight and precise weapons system with a very clear image through an easy-to-use and reliable product in order to evaluate the situation the best way possible.

With this defined goal in mind Grandt Defense only sell rugged, high quality, battle proven weapons and optical products that meet the highest standards and allow our end users for precise targeting and observation at the crucial moment.

All of our manufacturing partners utilize the latest cutting edge technology to ensure durability, accuracy and exceptional performance and all our weapon and optical products are highly acclaimed for their battlefield performance.

For more information about the companies Grandt Defense represent within Global Ammunition and our weapon  systems solutions, please contact us directly. No commercial sales, only Government!


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