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Instalaza was founded in 1943, our company started activities in the defense sector in 1951, creating our own Research and Development Department and acquiring the necessary manufacturing infrastructure for our finalized products.This process, completed in 1957, was the origin of what INSTALAZA S.A. is today, a company that makes use of the latest technologies and materials available in order to provide our customers the safest, most reliable and best performing products in the market.INSTALAZA S.A. is a privately-owned company located in Spain. We employ more than 150 highly qualified people distributed in three facilities situated in Zaragoza and with commercial activities in more than 35 countries around the world.We have been developing Weapon Systems for more than 65 years. Our aim is to become the best possible partner for the infantry soldier.
We use the latest available technologies, compliant with relevant national and international regulations, in accordance with the most demanding quality standards, for the design, development and manufacturing of our Weapon Systems, with the aim of providing the users with the optimal tools to succeed in their missions.We carry out all critical processes for the manufacturing of components, the check-out, final assembly, verification and tests, destructive and non-destructive, of all our products. We reinvest approximately 8% of our turnover into R&D.For INSTALAZA S.A., Safety, Reliability and Performance are paramount, and this can only be achieved by complying with the most demanding quality standards. INSTALAZA’s Quality Management System is ISO 9001, AQAP 2110 and PECAL 2110 certified, covering all our processes supported by the latest technologies and always oriented to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.