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K9 Storm Inc. was founded in 1997 by former Winnipeg Police Canine Handler, Jim Slater, as a result of his work with his Police Service Dog, Olaf.During their time working joint forces operations with the RCMP Emergency Response Team (ERT), Slater realized that Olaf was severely underprotected during their encounters with armed and dangerous criminals.When nothing on the market could satisfy the need to protect Olaf and allow him to do his job effectively, Slater had an idea. Using nothing more than his own personal ballistic panels, a home sewing machine, and a knowledge of what makes the working dog exceptional, the first custom-fit K9 Storm Patrol Swat Vest was created.
Olaf had 285 captures throughout his career, and during his last four years he recorded over 100 captures… ALL while wearing his original K9 Storm Patrol Swat Vest!While technology has helped evolve our products over time, our K9 Storm mantra has stayed constant:K9 Storm – Tactical K9 Body Armor and Gear that Allows Working Dogs, to Work!