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Often we hear the following: “If we had a thing that could only do…..” Yes, yes and yes. This is what charges us up–these are the moments we lean into. We are not capable of doing it all; but when it is within our reach, we pursue it and intentionally attempt to challenge and change expectations within our industry. If we were satisfied with the status quo, we would have little purpose.Since people are the end state for us, S&S Precision focuses on solving end-users’ problems and developing their gear.Dreaming creatively about problems, and developing those dreams into our products are unbelievably satisfying. This is the feeling that drives us.Further, if we can’t be out there on the front line, then we at S&S Precision want to do everything we can to make it better for those who are. Real innovation for real warriors–we’ll innovate, you fight.We believe….in our military in their purpose
in doing our part to provide an unwavering continuation of patriotism on the home front.These values form the backdrop of everything we do:honesty and integrity bonded by a handshake fostering an ethic congruent with family values being loyal to our relationships within our community locally and globally, as well as to our friends in the industry surrounding ourselves with good people willing to work hard and living by these standards on and off duty. Thank you, to those that have supported us and backed us up when we needed it.S&S Precision Since 2007