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DELIVERING SOLUTIONS IN MORE THAN 40 COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLDWith production facilities and head office in Athens, as well as offices in Abu Dhabi and Singapore and with more than 70.000 systems in service or under contract in more than 40 countries around the world, Theon Sensors* is today one of the Market Leaders in Night Vision Systems for security applications.All products are in-house designed by a team of experienced and qualified engineers specializing in all related engineering disciplines such as optical, mechanical, electronics and system design. Emphasis is given on providing high performing and ergonomically advanced systems that increase soldier’s safety and mission success rate during night operations, replacing old US and European legacy systems.The main product lines are: Night Vision Monoculars and Binoculars, Family of Night Vision Sights, Clip-on Night Sights, Night Driver’s Viewers, Digital day and night cameras and upgrade kits for armoured vehicles, Thermal Stand-alone and Clip-on uncooled Sights, Vehicle and Platform based Thermal imaging systems, SWIR systems, Optical and Mechanical customized design, ILS and Maintenance Services.
Theon Sensors consults its customers on the selection of the right system for the particular use and mission profile and provides training courses at all levels. Professional and complete aftersales support is another key element of the company’s international success with local maintenance support solutions that help the end user in making the right investment decisions with the best logistic and support infrastructure.All Theons Sensors’ Systems are rigorously tested prior to market entry following military standard test procedures and highest quality assurance and control criteria. The company maintains a Quality Management System which is in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 for the Design, Production and Trading of Electro-optical systems.The manufacturing facilities and the company personnel have NATO security clearance for defence related projects.*Theon of Alexandria (335 to 405 AD) was a Greek scholar and mathematician. Theon Sensors also stands for THermal and Electro-Optical, Night Sensors.