Grandt Defense ApS is a smaller family owned defence- and police equipment supplier which have been in the industry for more than 45 years. Founded by the present Chairman of the Board Carsten Grandt and with the main headquarter in the northern outskirts of Copenhagen.

We represents a wide range of the world’s leading producers and system integrators in the area of products for the Military- and Police Forces and in addition to this Grandt Defense ApS also imports directly from many of the world’s leading suppliers of tactical equipment, giving them a unique position within the Scandinavian Market.

The company’s core technology are ELECTRO OPTICS, such as infrared- and visible laser systems for illumination, aiming, targeting, night vision- and thermal sights, ammunition, weapons systems and tactical garments.

With customers that include DALO (Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization), Danish POLICE (National Commissioner), foreign defense organizations, and various law enforcement agencies in Scandinavia Grandt has developed a reputation for suppling products that tip the scales of victory for warfighters defending freedom across the Scandinavia region.

Our nature of business has always been to establish and maintain excellent contacts between the official procurement agencies and potential suppliers and system integrators. We believe in openness and professionalism and this trade does not allow any misconduct.

As a representative of the world finest military companies and manufactures of tactical products Grandt Defense is dedicated providing the best tactical solutions and technologies available in today’s global marketplace.


Grandt Defense ApS was founded by the present CEO Carsten Grandt, with the main headquarter in the northern outskirts of Copenhagen in 1997 even though the company’s foundation was back from trading of optical instruments in the latter half of the 1970’s, with main activities for the Swiss based Wild Leica Group and was during the 80’s and 90’s head of the leading Danish company in the area for sales of optics-, optomechanics- and surveying instruments. Furthermore, also with activities with state of the art aerial cameras, topographic- and photogrammetric equipment to the geodetic industry.

As technology improved over the years Impact Marketing expanded its region of operation to include night fighting equipment such as goggles, scopes and night-driving periscopes, as well as special accoutrements within the areas of laser range finders and sights.

During the years Grandt Defense has specialized in the military/police field, representing on the Danish market a number of international manufacturers and system integrators of defence- and tactical products.​


Grandt Defense has been handling tenders for military products from personal equipment such as boots, spades, knives, helmets, flash lights, optics, suppressors, hydration systems, maritime vest systems, plate carriers, bodyarmour, packing systems, sleeping bags, uniforms, and tents to advanced optics, observation platforms, night vision systems, laser range finders, complete ammunition filling plants and artillery systems, naval guns, grenade launchers, side arms, assault- and sniper rifles, various types and calibers of ammunition and also infantry fighting- and reconnaissance vehicles.

Today Grandt Defense represents a wide range of the world’s leading producers and system integrators in the area of equipment for the Military and Police Forces and in addition to this Grandt Defense also imports directly from many suppliers of tactical equipment giving them a unique position within the Scandinavian market.


Impact Marketing has over the years developed a wide range of capabilities to support our customers’ needs.Our capabilities are broad and diverse, serving many various aspects of the modern professional soldier.Please explore and collect information from one of our core capabilities and learn how and what products and capabilities with which we are able to support your specific needs.​


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