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Defence, Police and Security Branches

PX-SHOP Denmark represent a wide range of the world leading manfactures and system integrators  within the ara of material to defense forces and police agencies; PXSHOP Denmark also have direct import from many manufactures of tactical products/ accessories and garments. Our many years in this industriy have given us a uniqe and  very close relationshop with our  dedicated partners.

The close coorporation with our parterns and suppliers make it possible for us adjust and submit special solutions in larger tender projects, which ensure the costumer an larger degree of flexibility and applications options, In practise we have seen special designs to our markeds have been adopted and use as standard equipment.

PX-SHOP Denmark  has focused on the absolute best most trustworthy and recognized brands in the tactical industry within the different sections where funcionalitet, quality, and  reliability is a prerequisite. Our support is especially focused on meeting the needs of the professional segment of operaters within defene forces, police officers and security personal.

Due to the high demand on several of our BRANDS we appeal to kind understanding if things are not always available in our warehouse or at the manufactures.  If unfortunately any of the product are out of stock and we cannot get them right away from our manufactures this will be notified. Further we kindly need t0 highlight our primary focus is the support to the official marked which mean proffesional users wihtin the the defense forces and police agencies.  In relation to our security setup is it unfortunately not possible just to  stop by our office and showroom. This has to be arranged in advance.

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