Prior to the advent of the electrical age, fire was used to improve visibility on the battlefield.

Battlefield illumination is technology that improves visibility for military forces operating in difficult light conditions. Modern armies use a variety of equipment and discharge devices to create artificial light.

When your mission depends on tactical light, training needs, simulated devices for realistic signatures both visible and infrared light for tracking, marking and illuminating light for tactical, covert and Humanitarian Relief operations, Grandt Defense is able to support you.

Grandt Defense is working with the industry leading companies in the areas of batteries, chemical light, powerful LED flashlights, headlamps, weapon mounted lights to be able to provide positive target ID for defense, law enforcement, security & private citizens for rifle, pistols & handheld models.

We are proud to be supplying leading edge solutions for Military Units, Government and Law Enforcement Professionals, who have used our innovative products for training exercises and field operations for over 4 decades.

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