Grandt Defense strives to cover a full spectrum of equipment and technology for Military, Police, Fire/Rescue, and Commercial maritime operators by offering new innovative products that are designed to be game changers for those who operate in the unforgiving maritime environment.

Our partners in the industry manufacture state of the art specialty equipment with focus on mobility and portability. Our products range is a wide variety of marine solutions, from diving equipment, to Satellite communication.​

Fast RIBS for Special Forces, to underwater sensors, mine clearing and underwater surveillance. 

We Tactical diving equipment, such as Dry suits, tactical flotation vest, jetboots, jetboats, underwater communication and protective products such as Shark-shields.

All equipment offered by Grandt Defense has been tested by Grandt Defense or comes with the highest recommendation. Our dedicated partners have years of experience in the maritime environment like ourselves and we pride ourselves of delivering turnkey solutions to the customer, and not just equipment.


Grandt Defense has over the years developed a wide range of capabilities to support our customers’ needs.Our capabilities are broad and diverse, serving many various aspects of the modern professional soldier.Please explore and collect information from one of our core capabilities and learn how
and what products and capabilities with which we are able to support your specific needs.​


For more information on our services, products and more contact us via our form or e-mail or find the different addresses for your needs.